collection of stones

these are collections of images that are found throughout this photoblog. i thought it might be nice to highlight certain images, and provide a way to view all photos that fall into a particular category... without having to be "bothered" with the rest of the images in the photoblog. i plan to add photos that may not be found in the chronology of the blog. stay tuned.

little man waving

» sunsets

a lot of people seem to like the sunset photos. i appreciate all of the positive feedback and comments, but i must admit... i just stand there and press the button. mother nature is responsible for the dramatic colors, light, clouds and beauty found within. these are acutally the easiest photos to make.

» birds

living in florida has provided me with an abdundence of opportunities to see and photograph fascinating birds. i've always had a "thing" for flight - be it manmade aircraft or airborn animals. here you can peruse my collection of birds.

» abstract

i love abstract images and strive to take more of them. does the subject have to be unrecognizable to be considered abstract? i don't know... and i don't care. i just like the patterns, shapes, lines, and colors.

» people

photos of people in their environment are fascinating. hopefully i'll learn to be more assertive and start to take more portraits.

» personal favorites

this is a collection of my favorite images. many of them are also in the other collections, but i thought it would be nice to have them all grouped together as one series.

» oddities

these images are ones that have a certain slant to them. not a literal slant, but just something that makes them a bit different.